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2017 Utah Adventure SPOTLIGHT:
Utah Hot Air BallooningPark City, Utah Hot Air Balloon Rides by Skywalker Balloon Company

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Utah Travel and Ballooning by UTAH OUTVENTURES LLC
Phone Intl.:
+1 (801) 824 3934
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Utah Travel: Hot Air Ballooning in Utah - Year Round

We could tell you about the exhilaration, the excitement and the spirit of ballooning. We could explain the the super-heating process of the liquid propane and describe the past 200 years of ballooning history and tradition. Of course, if you enjoy the simple pleasures of life, if you are intrigued by the unpredictable, then our comments won´t be enough. If you delight in occasionally stepping out of your day-to-day existence, if you enjoy feeling at one with nature, then you must experience ballooning for yourself.

Park City Ballooning - Dreamcatcher
Our latest addition to Utah's skies: A new 10 passenger balloon, for your best Utah ballooning experience.
We are a family owned company, offering sunrise balloon flights year round. We have a special for our home base location: Park City, Utah, and offer a variety of ballooning services.
Utah Air Balloon

To celebrate our new balloon and the cooler temperatures, we have a SPECIAL for our most requested location: Park City, Utah, (closest to Salt Lake City, Utah)

See our updated: Park City Ballooning Picture Gallery

UTAH HOT AIR BALLOON RIDES are available year round throughout Utah:

All flights are sunrise flights, and require good weather

Park City Balloon Rides (2017 Special!)

Heber City Balloon Rides

Ogden Balloon Rides (Layton & Snowbasin)

St. George Balloon Rides




Utah Special Ballooning & Commercial Balloon Operations - Private Balloon Rides, Wedding Proposal Ballooning Packages, Tethered balloon operations suitable for private and company parties, sales-, event-, product promotion, balloon rentals, marketing campaigns, banner flights, photographic balloon excursions, filming, wedding proposals, anniversaries, birthday

We have tailored packages for both corporate and private events, including Utah hotel accommodations, staff/customer incentive packages, special launch sites and much more..

SOUTHERN UTAH BALLOONING ADVENTURES an unforgettable aerial ballooning experience combined with the fantastic scenery of southern Utah. The most intense, exclusive, and adventurous activity we have to offer:

Goblin Valley Balloon Rides, The Little Grand Canyon Balloon Adventure, plus other locations. These personalized balloon charters feature extended airborne time, flying some of the remotest and most scenic areas in the West, absolutely unique views and impressions.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available for Park City Flights only.


After 17 years of sharing this adventure, we still love the drama of lift-off - we are fascinated by the bonding rush of adrenaline and the peace of meditation - we remain amazed at our continued reluctance to return to home ground after each flight. Our professional pilots and crew are required and dedicated to uphold these standards. This is our trademark. Ballooning is simply the center of our hearts...from all of us at Utah Outventures and SKYWALKER BALLOON COMPANY

Customer Service - 7 Days a Week: (801) 824 3934

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