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2017 Utah Adventure SPOTLIGHT:
Utah Hot Air BallooningPark City, Utah Hot Air Balloon Rides by Skywalker Balloon Company

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Utah Travel and Ballooning by UTAH OUTVENTURES LLC
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+1 (801) 824 3934
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We could call it biking on Mars, but it's actually southern Utah. Guided mountain biking tours through some of the most alive and surreal areas on EARTH!

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Imagine breathing the crisp, morning desert air and realizing that you are now part of a process of evolution, that has been shaping this unique area for billions of years. This is now your playground! With Utah Outventures and Rimtours you will race over trails that have views of winding canyons over 1000ft. deep. You will also experience terrain, shaped by ancient oceans and by extreme wind, water, and millions of years of erosion. Our southern Utah bike tours are full of action packed days, biking over endless expanses of slick rock, dirt roads, spectacular downhill rides, and continually changing scenery. We cater to riders abilities, with levels from beginner, all the way to expert.

Over 2 decades Our mountain bike guides have earned their reputation by offering the very best professionally guided mountain bike trips and multi-sport adventures to Utah's spectacular Canyon country. Our tours showcase the most beautiful and pristine backcountry locations in the Western United States and our experienced staff will ensure that your time spent with us is a vacation to remember. We have pioneered backcountry biking tours with your safety and enjoyment our highest priority. Our backcountry ethic assures minimal impact from our travels so others may return time and again to unspoiled wilderness. A mountain Bike experience is like no other and we invite you to see why.

UTAH CANYONLANDS MTB TOURS - featuring the worlds Mountain Bike Heaven. Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, including the famous White Rim Trail are our playground for these extraordinary excursions. We have 5 exciting Trips available for You ....
UTAH COLOR COUNTY MTB TOURS - Discover the amazing beauty of Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and the many other scenic wonders. These Tours combine some of the best continuous single track there is and defines backcountry mountain biking. 4 different Tours are available...
MOAB MTB HALF and FULL DAY TRIPS - join us for an extra class Mountain Bike Adventure. The Moab Area is perfectly suitable for our guided half and full day trips, Choose from 4 tours showcasing some of the finest trails you can imagine...
These trips are perfect for ANYONE desiring a fully guided mountain biking adventure, offering some of the most spectacular mountain biking in the world.

Our staff is always ready to help with your travel plans. We go the extra mile with each and every customer to ensure their time spent with us is the best it can be. You will find a comfortable atmosphere of camaraderie while touring with us. All scheduled trips are limited to a maximum of 13 guests (with some exceptions), which allows for personal attention to each participant. Safety is a main concern and all guides are Emergency Response and CPR certified as well as being experienced mountain bike instructors and mechanics. If you ever need assistance while on tour or have specific concerns, we are there to help.
MTB Guides
FROM LEFT: Kirstin, Jimi, Scott, Sheri, Sharon, Robi, Damon, Chrissy, Mike S., Matt, Denice, Mike H., Candee, Angela, Maggie, Josh, Randy, & Stacy
EQUIPMENT AND RENTALS: A mountain bike of good quality and in good operating condition is essential. We provide high quality full suspension bikes available for rent; rental bikes come with helmets and water bottles. If you bring your own bike we strongly recommend you have your bike checked out by a reputable bike shop prior to departure. You may shop your bike ahead of time to us and we will assemble, disassemble, and box for a $40 fee. Any tune-up required will be an additional charge. A tent and sleeping bag with pad is available for a flat $40 rental charge for the length of your tour.

Equipment Rental Prices: Full Suspension Santa Cruz Super light or Cannondale Super V 500 bikes are $35.00 per day with tours.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Most of our tours are camping except where noted in the tour descriptions. We travel in deluxe backcountry style and work hard to make each tour as comfortable as possible. You'll find that camping doesn't mean "roughing it" with us. We bring lawn chairs, solar showers, sun and rain shelters.

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