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2017 Utah Adventure SPOTLIGHT:
Utah Hot Air BallooningPark City, Utah Hot Air Balloon Rides by Skywalker Balloon Company

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UTAH OFF ROAD TOURS - 4x4 Tours, ATV Adventures, Motocross Tours, Mountain Bike Shuttle, and Moab Day Tours

Of the thousands who come to see famed Canyonlands National Park, only a privileged few ever see this spectacular wilderness up close. Our partner exclusively holds a National Park Service permit to take you where others don’t go. If you think that whitewater rafting and camping is too rigorous, but you still want to see the real Canyonlands, this is your expedition!

Canyonlands National Park Today, only the most adventurous visitors dare to get out of their cars and walk into the mysterious landscape. Something remarkable happens to those who choose to immerse themselves in the desert: they fall in love. They alone hear the songs of the ancient Anasazi Indians as they echo through the canyons. They see the turquoise necklace of the collared lizard and notice the tracks of pinion mice in the sand. They see a hundred different hues of purple and red in the rock every time a cloud moves across the sun. And they feel blessed to be alive.
Flying solo on your journey into Canyonlands, you can become this distinctive, inspired traveler. Inspired by Utah's National Parks and the many other places inviting you to be explored. We have expeditions by off road vehicle, ATV, and Motocross Bike. All of these land expeditions are very personal, intimate experiences into the real outdoors, the deserts where you are able to set your own pace and establish your own theme. You’ll feel like you are on a private pilgrimage through this amazing land.

We remove the boundaries that keep you apart from your dream of experiencing the real canyonlands, a scenery like from another Planet. We take you into the desert. We promise to return you to civilization spellbound and touched by the unique beauty that is Canyonlands. The poetry of a wild
desert landscape should never be spoiled by a clumsy or unprofessional outfitter. With Utah Outventures and its partners, the rhythm of your journey will always move at the poetic pace it deserves.

We approach your expedition just as we approach the wilderness, with reverence and care. When we match you with one of our expeditions, we listen carefully to your needs – as well as your dreams – before recommending the perfect canyon to explore. All of these land expeditions are very personal, intimate experiences into the real Canyonlands National Park the deserts where you are able to set your own pace and establish your own theme. You’ll feel like you are on a private pilgrimage through this amazing land.

4x4 Canyonlands National Park stands as one of the last great regions of wilderness in America. Tours from 1/2 Day to 4 Days, from $ 59. Though one of the least visited of America’s national parks, Consumer Reports ranks it as one of the five best. Others describe it as the "crown jewel" in America’s proud collection of parks. You may just call it awesome.

4x4 Grand Staircase Escalante 5 Days These strikingly beautiful and scientifically impressive lands consist of three distinct regions: the Grand Staircase, the Kaiparowits Plateau, and the Canyons of the Escalante. Hiking, Camping, rugged 4x4 driving let you explore them like no one else!

Guided ATV Adventuresin the St. George - Zions National park area. these easy to ride off-road vehicles have automatic transmission and extremely fun. It is an enjoyable, safe and exciting way to explore the the many natural wonders found in southwestern Utah.

Guided Motocross Adventures, from 1 Day leading through some of the most rugged and beautyfull areas in the west. Constantly changing scenery, mountains and desert, an endless system of trails appealing the experienced rider. Extensive riding experience and knowledge of the most valuable Motocross destinations and trails guarantee for your satisfaction.

MTB Shuttle Service Moab - Colorado River Explore the perhaps most famous mountain bike trail in the universe - The White Rim Road. Shafer Trail, a steep, precipitous cattle trail provides mountain biking access all the way down to the Colorado River, 1,500 feet below. Departing form top of Shafer trails this self guided trip includes 4X4 transportation and a scenic jet boat ride.

4x4 Day Trips Our Off-road day tours mimic a pilgrimage during which travelers come to know themselves through knowing a landscape. These expeditions offer an opportunity to access places of solitude and serenity and allow time to study the wilderness in all its minutia. There is time to stop and feel your place in the universe, whether it be while standing before a vast panorama of canyons, or under a sky so full of stars your heart will ache. Select your treasure…


Our outfitters history speaks for itself. For over 40 years they have been giving people just like you the gift of a wilderness expedition into the real Utah backcountry. Why would you trust your precious time, financial resources or family with any other outfitter? We know these lands like you know your family…come with us.

Contact us - Call our friendly service staff: (801) 824 3934
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